Get ready! BBM Android & iOS Coming Soon!

After some time in silence, BlackBerry finally began to leak about the continued launch of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and iOS. When finished? 

BlackBerry does not give the exact date. However, as reported by Reuters, Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben said that the BlackBerry BBM cross-platform will be available in a matter of days, after previously at-pending because of technical problems. 

Boulben added, BlackBerry has made various improvements to its flagship instant messaging services that have been tested on a limited basis. Starting from the front menu display differently than previous versions related to the time notification function can be disabled by the user. 

Including to improve the system that had fallen due to the fuel consumed by this unofficial Android.
BlackBerry itself is trying to reassure consumers and investors about the future of the company. One way they do is to menggeber open letter. 

The letter displayed in prominent newspapers in several countries, including The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Total letters, the 'decorate' 30 newspapers in 9 states. 

Here BlackBerry in essence want to reassure investors and customers that the outside discussions acquisition, the company will continue its support to the individuals, businesses and government customers.
The Canadian company has admitted that they are facing difficult conditions. "No doubt, this is the challenging times for us and we do not want to underestimate the situation and the constraints that exist," said BlackBerry.

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