Color OS, Android Sistem Modifikasi Ala Oppo Smartphone

Jakarta , On 24 September, the latest smartphone launched Oppo Oppo N1 in Beijing , China . Various new features rolled out the Chinese manufacturers in this flagship product . One of the features is the ability seeded 13 MP camera that can be rotated up to 206 ° so that it can serve as a front camera with high quality . Then the rear touch panel technology which allows an area at the back of the body can be to operate the menu with a certain gesture .

Apparently, all the features on the N1 Oppo works on the basis of its own platform developed by the Oppo Color OS .According to Zhang wenly , product executive Oppo Indonesia , is actually based on Android platform developed further so as to form a new ecosystem . There are available for several platforms such as applications , games , themes , wallpaper , and ebook reader . And users only need to register with one account only to be able to access all services .

" In developing this OS Color , Oppo is very attention feedback from the user input . In the last 10 months alone we 've netted two thousand beta testers , getting nearly 1 million feedback and do a lot of repairs and registering 43 new patents , " said at a media briefing Oppo wenly N1 in Jakarta ( 10/09/2013 ) .

Color Oppo claim this OS has been downloaded 1 billion times , while the applications and games as much as 400 million . Color OS is currently only available for the N1 Oppo has some unique features like guest mode , unique theme , weather , and so on . According to the plan , Oppo N1 itself will be launched in Indonesia on October 16, 2013 .  

There has been no official information about the price , but just give the Oppo Klu tag equivalent global brand flagship products that can be interpreted in the range of USD 7.5 million .

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