Metal Slug 2 apk with datafiles Full

Metal Slug 2 added new weapons to the player's arsenal. A single shot from the Laser is capable of killing a column of infantry, and sustained fire quickly destroys vehicles. Fire Bombs found in the second level help to clear away mummies. Armor Piercing Shells give the Metal Slug cannon shells that only fire straight when engaging enemy vehicles. The game also included more fighting vehicles. Though just as susceptible to enemy fire as the Metal Slug, these vehicles provided alternate modes of transportation, and advantages associated with each.

How to install:

1. Download metalslug2 apk with sd data files .rar file
2. extract rar file with any extracter
3. install apk
4. put sd data foldier into-  sdcard/android/data/


Android: 2.3



Mslug2 apk+datafiles full

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