[Tutorial] Mikrotik Block Website Script Generator

In this tool there are 9 ways to block websites using Mikrotik, in which I also embed an editor for RegExp (regular expressions) who knows you want to use your own rules for RegExp.

- Block Use DNS Static Regexp
- Block Use of RAW Content
- Block Use RAW TLS-Host
- Block Use RAW Content To Address-List
- Block Use Filter Content
- Block Use Filter TLS-Host
- Block Use Filter Content To Address-List
- Block Use Layer-7
- Block Use Web Proxy

Click Here   Mikrotik Block Website Script Generator

[Tutorial] Mikrotik Bandwidth Share For Hotspot Shared User Script Generator

Limiting Hotspot Profiles using Shared Users or 1 profile shared by 5-10 users with the same user and password at the same time sometimes profit and loss because the Bandwidth given usually does not use Total Limit, but is given at the same speed. Now, with this tool, we make management easier, so that 1 profile that is used by rame2 still follows the parent's max limit, there are also 2 options available, they can be limited per child or with a share connection (up-to).
Please click here to try it Hotspot Shared User Script Generator