[News] Octa-core processor MediaTek Start to Show Teeth

After launching the octa - core processors through MT6592 chip , MediaTek immediately took Gameloft to demonstrate the capabilities of the processor garapannya through the latest mobile game Modern Combat 5 .

In comparison conducted MediaTek and Gameloft , Modern Combat 5 game which is designed to optimize the amount of ' brain ' on the processor does look better when run using octa - core processor MediaTek .

Meanwhile, when run using quad-core processor types , effects that do not appear in the game such as sunlight sparkle .

Through this comparison , MediaTek is as if to show that behind the high performance of a processor is also required in order to optimize the well performance that are not held in vain .

It was indeed a success showed in the game Modern Combat 5 is capable of optimizing the performance of 8 cores owned MT6592 chip .

Interestingly , what was done by the MediaTek as in the quotation from Phone Arena , Wednesday ( 27/11/2013 ) , touted as if to challenge the manufacturers of quad-core mobile processor today that Qualcomm's best .

Based on rumors, Qualcomm is still going to continue to rely on technology quad - core Snapdragon processor newest 805 . Although Qualcomm could have provided him with 64 bit technology , but in the number of cores , MediaTek remains at the forefront today .

Here's a video comparison of the optimization of quad-core processors and octa - cores in the game Modern Combat 5 .

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