[News] Android chip 64-bit Intel, Ready to Challenge Apple

Apple A7 chip will compete with Intel in 2014 , the article of the chip giant's developer has demonstrated a 64-bit Android platform run by the latest Atom processor at an investor conference .

According to Hermann Eul , GM Intel's Mobile and Communications Group as quoted by CNET , Intel is preparing Trial Bay Atom platform 64 - bit for Android , " It's not just about the Windows 64 - bit , we have talked about Android as well , " said Eul .

An assistant then proceeded to demo on stage " first performances of kernel 64 - bit on the Bay Trail runs with Android . "Eul continued . " We have 64 - bit Windows which begin shipping in the next quarter and , of course , we will continue with Android as well . "

Bay Trail Intel processors currently used by many tablets and devices owned 2 in 1 Dell , Hewlett - Packard , and Lenovo , are now using a 64 - bit chip but run Windows 8.1 in 32 - bit mode . It will be fixed in the next quarter when the tablet dimodus Bay Trail runs 64 -bit Windows 8.1 full .

Apple has become in many media headlines in September when it launched a 64-bit processor A7 - chips are now used in the iPhone 5s , Water iPad and iPad Mini Retina .

Intel will not be alone , a report earlier this month said Samsung will launch its flagship smartphone with 64 - bit CPUs in 2014.

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