Video and Voice calls will be present in the BBM Android & iOS

BBM on Android and iOS will have new features. In order to compete with its competitors, the fuel will be equipped with video and voice calling features. Last week, Andrew Bocking VP of BBM for BlackBerry says BBM on Android and iOS will have video and voice calling capabilities in a matter of months.

While Bocking said the fuel will always be free, OEM Canadian wants to get money from this app. One way to fuel Channel. The last week at CBC Morning Edition, Bocking said that this would be a way for BlackBerry to get money out of fuel.

Channel called "social media engagement platform in the fuel," said the executive, who can spread the "BBM experience to the company (brand), artists, businesses and the public will now be able to connect with individuals and groups in real time."

CBC says BBM Channel will be launched soon. Speaking of fuel, Bocking said that "We continue to plan for the development of services and continue to make it more interesting and have more reasons why people will come back to use this service."

If Blackberry wants to get money out of fuel, this signifies that the orientation Blackberry no longer rely on the handset business, but also its services or features

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