KitKat Will Android 4.4 Smartphone and Gadget Compatible Low-End?

Stay a few hours to go before 1 November 2013 , when Google held a couple of new product introductions as well as an important concern would Questioning the existence of the latest Android 4.4 version of KitKat .
Keep abreast of recent rumors through various online news media globally , Android 4.4 is rumored KitKat will have number of attractive features Jelly Bean after launch . For example, as reported by Androidpolice , KitKat built with better memory management devices , allowing devices to lower class ( Low - End ) with small memory of 512 MB can be can also enjoy it .

Even according to WSJ sources , Amir Efrati , Google's latest effort related KitKat , besides run on devices compatible smartphone newbies , also more friendly with other gadgets that provide OS Mobile computing systems such as smart sunglasses and smart watches .

As is known at this time , the existence of Jelly Bean Android platform generally only pinned on the latest Android devices and has operational functions or feature a mid course . There is even a statement last July from Brendan Eich , CTO of Mozilla , dipubilkasikan TheVerge that portion of the use of Android version 4.x too bloated cost of production when embedded into cheap phones and Google need to fix what is referred to as the problem of fragmentation ( fragmentation Issue ) .

Allegations of other features in Android 4.4 there will be three new sensors , including the step detector ( detector step ) , step counter ( step counter ) , geomagnetic vector rotation ( rotation and geomagnetic vector gauge ) , all three of these features are very important as a tool for sports activities that would normally be at the appropriate gadgets like SmartGlass and smartwatch , in addition to common features like GPS , WiFi , Bluetooth HID through GATT ( generic Attribute Profile. ) and Bluetooth MAP ( Message Access Profile) , and others .

Other superior features is said to be accompanied by support KitKat Infrared Remote Control and can be connected on the payment methods like using NFC ( Near Field Communication ) , but everything is still a rumor and more details will be revealed tomorrow .

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