[ROM] MIUI Redmi 1s Official JHCMIBH 43.0

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Redmi 1S C/W Stable ROM (Global/Multilanguage) JHCMIBH43.0 Changelog


Optimization - Optimized time recognation method in a message (07-16)
Optimization - Optimized the function of recognizing time information in messages (07-24)
Fix - Sometimes failed to send SMS (07-01)
Fix - Sometimes, sender showed as 'WAP Push' (07-08)
Fix - Couldn't sync the settings when a private contact's messages were pinned (07-16)
Fix - Private messages would be read out after enabling messages text -to - speech output in Car mode (07-17)
Fix - Sometimes, messages with the same contact were not in the same folder (08-06)

File Explorer
Fix - when using FTP, the management status didn't show in the status bar (07-03)
Fix - Some items were invalid when sending files (08-13)

Optimization - There will be a prompt if a mail is not sent in 5 minutes (07-24)
Optimization - 'Quick response' will be sent to all (07-24)

Fix - Could not sync batch delete result to multiple devices(07-08)
Fix - Sometimes, attachment tiles were empty (07-08)
Fix - Errors in Foxmail default settings (07-08)
Fix - Sometimes, deleted mails would show again (07-09)
Fix - When using QQ mail, clicking on contacts avatars would cause display error (07-24)
Fix - After pressing 'Refresh', the state displayed wrongly (07-24)
Fix - Send later button didn't work when failed to send a mail (07-24)
Fix - Some IMAP emails could not sync Sent mails (08-05)
Fix - POP3 accounts did not show mails in Sent box (08-05)
Fix - Keywords were not highlighted when searching local mails (08-05)
Fix - When searching in Drafts, the result would show mails from all folders (08-05)
Fix - Sometimes, it did not respond for a long time when replying or forwarding (08-05)
Fix - App would FC if attachments names had special characters for some POP3 accounts (08-05)

Optimization - Added weekly view (07-15)
Optimization - Use floating notification for calendar popup windows (07-15)
Fix - Words in events were blurred in weekly/daily views (07-15)

Xiaomi Account
New - Unified Mi Cloud settings page in Mi Account (09-09)

What is Global ROM?
A: Redmi phones and Mi 3 stable version had many local ROMs (HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines etc.) since Xiaomi has entered international market. But in the near future they will become one Global version. All the countries will have one Recovery ROM, but each country will have an individual Fastboot ROM.

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