[News] MediaTek MT6592 octa-core SoC takes on Antutu, posts an impressive score

Antutu benchmark scores for the freshly announced MediaTek MT6592 octa-core chipset have emerged, showcasing its top-shelf performance. The MT6592 SoC with 1.7GHz CPU cores posted a result of 29415, while its sibling with 2GHz cores, came out with a truly impressive 32606.

 The abovementioned scores put the 2GHz CPU version of the chipset at the very top of the Antutu performance chart, besting every high-end Android device we’ve tested this far. You can see how exactly the MediaTek MT6592 fares in the chart below. 

AnTuTu 4

Higher is better

While the chipset’s score in undeniably impressive, it must be noted that the screen resolution of the device used for the benchmark testing hasn’t been disclosed. A device with a 720p display for example, would post a significantly higher score than one with a FullHD unit.
We will pass final judgment when we get to put a final production device with the new chipset through its paces. The initial impression though, shows that MediaTek might be dropping its budget credentials for more high-end ones.

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