[News] Gaining on Apple, Samsung Also Will Develop Chip Processor 64-bit

Following in the footsteps of Apple , Samsung reportedly is also going to develop a 64 - bit processor chip . As reported by CNET , intended to make the processor , called Samsung will implement a two-step approach .

Such as one of the top brass notarized , Stephen Woo , Samsung is said to be working on his first 64-bit processors based on designs from ARM , and then develop a 64 - bit design that has been optimized miiliknya .

" A lot of people think , why do we need 64 - bit for mobile devices ? " Woo said .

"People ask that question in the past three months . And now I think the no one asked that question again . Instead, they ask, when can we have it ? " he continued .

Unfortunately , Woo said no further when 64 - bit chips made ​​by Samsung will be released along with the device .

Given the rival , which Apple has attracted a lot of attention when it was revealed the chip 64 - bit ( A7 ) for the first new smartphone some time ago . Of course expected , Samsung was able to quickly catch up later . So , let's wait .

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