WoW !! Galaxy S5 stretcher Sensor Eye Scanner?

Apple brings fingerprint scanner as a security feature in the iPhone 5S. Samsung seems not to be outdone and said to bring advanced security to Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 rumored features eye scanner. Thus, the user can later unlock or open the Galaxy S5 with their eyes.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Friday (18/10/2013), Samsung allegedly is working hard to develop the high level of security. So far, has not explained what kind of application.

All the information is still stored on the Galaxy S5 meetings by Samsung, so this news could not be ascertained truth. Currently, it has been a lot of rumors about the Galaxy S5.

For example, the flagship handset is rumored to appear officially in February 2014. Later, he relied on a new generation of Exynos processor 64-bit and significant design changes compared to its predecessor.

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