Samsung Galaxy S5 confirmed Wear Exynos Processor 64-bit

Nearly a month after the Korean media reported that the 64-bit processor Samsung's being developed, is now reported that the development is almost complete. Report quoted ITToday mention that Samsung has completed the most difficult part of the development. The chip is currently included in the process of final technical and logistics.

According to news circulating, the processors will be embedded in Samsung's 2014 flagship. Some reports indicate that the first device is implanted processor smartphone Galaxy S5. Mobile champ will be wearing the latest 6th generation Exynos CPU with 14nm architecture and support for 64-bit. In addition, it also brings Exynos CPU big.LITTLE octa-core configuration with COrtex-A53/57 core. The eight core will be operating simultaneously and consuming only half the power of the Exynos 5420

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