Plants vs Zombies 2 APK for Android Full HD

A hot news could not be happier at the weekend for the fans of Plants vs Zombies series are owned Android devices (development of Plants vs Zombies 1.3.0 apk). About two weeks ago, we witnessed the landing of Plants vs Zombies 2 Android in the Chinese market as a trial run. Chinese barriers did somewhat the worse game experience more or less, not to mention the much longer version of this odd error on some different Android devices.

On this day, Plants Vs Zombies 2 : It's About Time, a gamer a very famous has officially appeared the English version on Android, regret that only players in Australia and New Zealand, will get lucky this.
It is known that the launch delay in the expected part of Apple when they pour so much money into EA to delay the progress of the game on the Android platform. Information that although Apple was denied as well as the silence of the EA representatives, but perhaps things are almost perfect ten ten classification.
Previous version on iOS received more than 25 million downloads in just one week, and the Android version officially launched in October 2013, perhaps fever Plants vs Zombies 2 full HD for android will never stop. 
For now, download Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android includes APK and Data files in the link below:

Link Box: APK File | Data File
Link Mediafire: APK File | Data File

First: Install apk file,
Second: download data file, unzip to folder and then copy the path sdcard folder (memory card) /Android/Obb/

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