Nexus 5 Use Android KitKat!

Nexus 5 puzzles presence became stronger . Not only that , the emergence of new Android versions too often accompany the latest generation of the Nexus smartphone .
This was evidenced by a YouTube video which is being hotly discussed . In the video footage , allegedly looked smartphones using Android as the Nexus 5 KitKat .
The 7 -minute video duration show a match with previous leaks . It is seen , among others, the rear body which has similarities with the Nexus 7 tablet .
Some analysts had predicted that the future is the smartphone and tablet Google would have such a resemblance to each other , as part of the corporate design . Samsung actually has first adopted in which the majority of smartphones and tablets garapannya have a similar design .
Turning to the operating system , the Nexus 5 is certain to carry Android video KitKat . But he uses the Android version is said still using the old build .
Other specifications are displayed , Nexus 5 has a number of buttons and port usage that is commonly found on other Android devices such as the power button and the ' drawer ' SIM card on the right side , the volume buttons on the left side , 3.5 mm audio port on the top , as well as and a micro USB port at the bottom .
Here is the video .

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