LG G Flex appearance, Smartphone With Curved Screen

LG launch first smartphone with a curved screen does not seem to be much longer, because an Argentine journalist reportedly been getting product samples such devices. The journalists seem to get a device with the name of the G Flex LG factory in Argentina.

And now we get to see the premiere of the device that looks quite different from what we have seen from the sketch and the teaser image. LG G Flex is a device with a curved screen from top to bottom, unlike the Galaxy Round the curve from left to right. In addition the device also has designs on the back button like on the LG G2.

The news circulating saying that the display device is optimized to create satisfaction in watching the movie, because if used with landscape position then G Flex screen will resemble the curved screen in a theater or cinema. Plus the device is rumored to have a screen size of 6-inch full HD 1080p which will further pamper your eyes.

Not much information is circulating about this device, we will know more when LG introduces the device next month.

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