Boxed Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16MP Camera

Following the sale of the Galaxy S4 unsatisfactory. Samsung will reportedly release sukesor its flagship smartphone in the next few months, precisely in January 2014.

Reported by Cnet, on Monday (10/14/2013), a South Korean website revealed that the electronics giant will equip the Galaxy S5 sensor camera 16 megapixel (MP). The camera is also equipped with features optical image stabilization (OIS).

Furthermore, the report also mentions that Samsung prefers besutannya chipset, Exynos than the Snapdragon. This indicates that the company will equip smatphone anyarnya it with an eight-core processor ("true octa-core '), which is only available in certain areas.

As we know, Samsung is only able to sell 20 million units of Galaxy S4 within the first two months after launch.

So far, not adan official information from South Korea regarding information Galaxy S5.

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